Semper et Ubique

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Semper et Ubique translates to 'Always & Everywhere Together'
This is a made-to-order item. Please allow up to a month for completion.
This wee deadling is based on that of an actual specimen, cephalothoracopagus monosymmetros, (conjoined twins, fused at the head and thorax) a gorgeous little being, rife with whimsy and strangeness. There's something unnerving about the perpetual grin of a skull, and such melancholy in the slump of their little spines.
"It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another."- Mary Shelley

No real bones, hand sculpted, painted & articulated.
{Due to the custom nature of my work, please refer to Policies & FAQ's}