Puppets are an extension of you, a version of you, a little vessel for your joys or sorrows, your wantings or wailings, griefs,fears, loves, anything is possible. Commissioning your own puppet is a unique process. There is something very sacred and special in the act of bringing something so personal to life so I want you to fully immerse yourself in this process with me. (This probably sounds super intense and weird but that's only because it IS super intense and weird and you should just go with it cause it wouldn't be worth doing if it weren't)
Here are some helpful (I hope) guidelines for the commission process:

For the character marionettes you most often see, price varies greatly depending on the size/type/costume so your best best is to propose your dreams and we'll go from there. The beauty of custom is we can work together to create something in your price range.

Character Choice: Puppets are (nearly) limitless. I won't accept puppets that are outside of my physical capabilities or aesthetic preferences. Not being a picky jerk, these are just incredibly emotional, personal talismans and if my heart is not in it it's not going to be perfect and you (and your puppet) deserve that. You are not limited to existing movie/book/tv characters! History is full of engaging and magical humans, not to mention your brain is surely swirling with original ideas just waiting to be made real! Reach as deep within yourself as you need to, the more guts the better.

Repeat Characters: Please note that at this time I am not accepting repeat characters. If you saw it on here or Instagram as a commissioned piece I am curently keeping things special and singular so they cannot be ordered again, at least for the time being.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for something. Sometimes puppet are just something fun or spooky or beautiful but often times they are healing, talismanic, therapeutic. Puppets helped me face my fears but they also helped me find my joys. So whether you want your favorite character from a childhood tv show or a memorial piece for a lost loved one, this is your chance to be immortal through a puppet, to reach into a different realm, to believe in magic. This is your chance to tell me your story, and then have your story told through your puppet. (Y'all I could talk about puppets forever, I promise I'm wrapping it up).

Choose fearlessly! 
If you survived the reading material and I managed to use a computer properly (unlikely), please contact me either through my contact for or at [email protected] with your requests.